Meet The Team

Meet The Team

the people behind the magic  

Meet the Staff

Dean Bareham (Artistic Director)

Dean is the artistic director and co-founder of Green Fools Theatre in Calgary. He began his studies at the Alberta College of Art & Design and then attended the Dell’ Arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California. For the last twenty-eight years, Dean has been delighting audiences across the globe with his buffoonery and stilt characters; his alter ego, Gustavo the Impossibilist is infamous worldwide. Dean has performed and taught workshops all across Canada, Europe, South America, Macedonia, New Zealand, Lesotho, Japan, and the USA. He has performed with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Symphony in Ottawa and with Cirque du Soleil at the Luminato Festival in Toronto. 

Shelley Bareham (General Manager)

Rebecca Fauser (Adminsitrator)

Linda Nainaar (Fundraising)

Maggie MacKenzie (Marketing)

Meet the Fools

Anne-Marie Hivert
Ben Price
Blair Hayashi
Cassia Farias Thibert
Catherine Butt-Vallieres
Celene Harder
Ivanna Ihekwoaba
James Jordan
Jeff Olynek
Jeremy Schtelzer
Judith Mendelsohn
Léda Davies
Spectacle Blue Robin Szuch
Malcolm Russell
Mike Battie
Pascal Butt-Vallières
Sand Northrup
Rebecca Leonard
Samantha Halas
Oksana Porteous
Ali DeRegt
Lee Zimmerman
Julia Babineau
Aytahn Ross
Kate Ryan
Schuyler Snowdon
Skinny Mcleod