Teddy and Bella

Teddy and Bella

A clown and his dog

Exhausted after a day of birthday clowning, Teddy just wants to relax and hang out with his animal family: Mr. Mouse, Ms. Meow, and his best friend Bella the dog.

After a walk gone awry, Bella runs away and Teddy starts a panicked and desperate search for his beloved pal. Unfortunately, with night fast approaching, Teddy must wait until daybreak to resume the search. His restless sleep is filled with dreams and terrible thoughts of what may have happened to his dog Bella. Luckily with the help of his neighbourhood friends and kids from the audience, Teddy is able to find his cherished friend Bella and makes some new friends along the way.

Told through clown, shadow puppets and marionettes, Teddy and Bella will charm the audience with a beautiful story of the friendship of a clown and his dog.



Tech Specs

  • Audience: All ages
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Puppetry, clown, storytelling, song
  • Running Time: 50 minutes
  • Venue: Flexible, however, best performed in a controlled, black-box setting (minimum stage dimensions 30ft wide X  20ft deep)
  • Lights & Sound: Operated through Qlab on the laptop. Requires stereo sound system and minimum 24 lighting instruments. Lighting plot available upon request.
  • Notes: Can be performed in a festival setting


  • Director: Andy Curtis
  • Sound Designer: Andy Curtis
  • Performer: Dean Bareham
  • Stage Manager: Rebecca Fauser
  • Photography: Keith Cartmell