Project: Whooping Crane

Project: Whooping Crane

Saving the Whoopers  


The story of the endangered whooping crane and the biologists who fight for their survival. One bird injured in the wild brought into captivity, another raised in captivity released to the wild.

The show intertwines art and science in a breathtaking mix of music, mask, and life-size puppetry. Using original sound design including musical compositions and sample crane sounds, this show is the result of extensive study and direct consultation with biologists to ensure an authentic portrayal of the world of the Whooping Crane and their human stewards.




Tech Specs

  • Audience: All ages
  • Language: No words
  • Genre Puppetry, Mask, Music
  • Running Time: 55 minutes
  • Venue Flexible, however, best performed in a controlled, black-box setting (minimum dimensions 20 X 20 ft).
  • Lights & Sound: Requires stereo sound system and minimum 12 lighting instruments. Can be performed in a festival setting.



  • Writers Jennie Esdale, Eileen Sproule, Dean Bareham, Dave Clarke
  • Director: Original: Eileen Sproule, Tour: Jennie Esdale
  • Composer/Sound Designer: Dave Clarke
  • Designers: Dean Bareham, Jennie Esdale
  • Performers: Dean Bareham, Tour: Jamie Tognazzini Original: Jennie Esdale
  • Puppet Creation: Dean Bareham, Jennie Esdale, Cassandra Christie, Jen Winter
  • Photography: Sean Dennie