Floating Mouse

The Floating Mouse

The story of a little mouse and a big mess


Peep is afraid to leave her mouse house. Her brother Relish braves the dangers to bring her treats and treasures. When a flood separates the brother and sister and propels Peep out of her house and into the middle of a watery world, she must face her own harrowing adventure.

As she struggles to return home, she learns about the diversity of her community while finding her place within it. Determined to overcome peril, Peep learns to adapt to change, contemplates the sustainability of the environment, makes new friends, and determines when it is best to be a leader and a follower throughout her journey.

Peep soon realizes she herself possesses the strength and wisdom to do what is right and learns how to balance her individual needs with those of others.

A fun and empowering interactive performance for youth ages 5 – 10 with songs, puppets, love and laughter. The Floating Mouse is a one person virtuosic performance of puppetry, song and story telling. It is a great way to investigate results reporting and tackle important issues through theatre. Youth can evaluate the performance and question their own work on citizenship, character and personal development.



Tech Specs

  • Audience: All ages
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Puppetry, storytelling, song
  • Running Time: 50 minutes
  • Venue: Flexible, however, best performed in a controlled, black-box setting (minimum dimensions 20 x 20 ft)
  • Lights & SoundOperated through Qlab on the laptop. Requires stereo sound system and minimum 12 lighting instruments
  • Notes: Can be performed in a festival setting



  • Director/ Writer/ Designer: Jennie Esdale
  • Composer/ Sound Designer: David Rhymer
  • Performer: Jamie Konchak
  • Lighting Designer: Terry Gunvordahl
  • Photography: Ben Laird & Sarah Millan Smyth