Streetshows Teddy


The sweetest clown you’ll ever meet on the street 

An expert at turning the unexpected into hilarity, Teddy will delight audiences with his mischievous antics!

Teddy the Clown is a gentle but energetic white-faced, black nosed clown who creates a playful and fun environment for the whole family. From chasing flies through the audience, to giving the audience a choice of “danger” or “magic” and letting the show go accordingly, Teddy will charm the crowd. Watch for Bella the Dog, his marionette sidekick, and the “Slow Motion Race” with kid volunteers. A wonderful show for all ages.

This original and charming show is available for festivals, events, and schools for almost any occasion, great fun for all ages! It is low-tech and can be performed indoors or out, practically anywhere. It may include juggling, puppets, improv, and audience participation!

Genre: Clown Comedy Family Show
Audience: All Ages
Length: 35-40 minutes
Language: English or Silent
Availability: Year-round

Created and Performed by Dean Bareham