Body Art


You are the canvas

Add pizazz to your event or party with our incredible face painters and temporary tattoo artists! 

Face Painting

  • 1 artist can do about 12-20 face paints per hour depending on the complexity of the designs.
  • Any face paint design can be requested!
  • Face paints used are high quality, hypoallergenic and water based for face and skin use.
  • Face paint designs can be removed easily with warm soap and water, gentle shampoo, or baby oil.

Glitter Tattoos:

  • Glitter tattoos can last for up to 10 days and are applied using disposable stencils, body-safe prosthetic glue, and glitter.
  • 1 artist can do 15-20 glitter tattoos per hour.

Airbrush Tattoos

  • Airbrush Tattoos can last 3-7 days depending on placement on the body.
  • The paint/ink used is alcohol based and can be removed with rubbing alcohol, any exfoliating product, or can be rubbed away after soaking in warm water. 
  • 1 artist can do 15-25 realistic tattoos, or 25-35 straightforward designs, per hour.