We make our own stilts to custom fit you. They are made of Douglas Fir, with Nylon Webbing Straps, Nickle Plated Brass D-rings, and three-layered Rubber bottoms. These are the main style of stilts used by Green Fools Theatre’s performance team. A hearty stilt that can last years!

Small $145.00 (approx. 1.5 ft off the ground)

Medium $155.00 (approx. 2.5 ft off the ground)

Large $165.00 (approx. 3.5 Ft off the ground)


Note: Please include the measurement from the bottom of the foot to below the knee cap on your order notes. That’s right, our stilts are custom built to your body!

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  • Small- approx. 1.5 ft off the ground
  • Medium-approx. 2.5 ft off the ground
  • Large -approx. 3.5 Ft off the ground

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Weight 3.62874 kg
Dimensions 45.72 cm


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