Board Opportunities


Make a difference 

The Opportunity:

  • Green Fools Theatre (GFT) is currently seeking three to five new board members in various positions. We are about to embark on the launch of a new Physical Theatre and Circus School,  and we are looking for individuals who have relevant skills and interest to guide the organisation through this meaningful change by ensuring proper governance, quality strategic planning and risk management.   
  • Board members are expected to actively contribute to the organization. GFT’s board members contribute their time and skills and help the company to raise funds, whether that be ticket sales to events or leveraging personal network connections for fundraising opportunities.

Time Commitment:

(5-8 hours per month)

  • Preparation for and attendance at all Board meetings (the Board averages one, two-hour, meeting per month)
  • Additional work for Board projects and committee work, as required.


  • Directors are elected by existing board members for a 1-3 year term.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Preparation for and participation in all scheduled board meetings
  • Participation in committee work of the board:
    • Working closely with staff, develop and activate appropriate committees that add value to the mission of GFT
  • Contribution to the funding of the organization:
    • Assist in sourcing new donors
    • Attendance at fundraising events
    • Financial contribution to the organization on an annual basis (no minimum requirement – personally significant giving model in place)
  • Promote and communicate GFT’s mission, activities, services and needs to the community:
    • Leverage personal skills, abilities and networks to advance the organization’s mission
    • Keep abreast of issues and trends that may impact GFT’s operations
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information given to Board Directors
  • Avoid and disclose any potential conflicts of interest
  • Support the on-boarding of new Board Members
  • Financial and legal oversight:
    • Ensure GFT is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements
    • Understand and monitor the organization’s financial affairs, including the approval of the annual budget


  • Media/communications
  • Fundraising
  • Event planning
  • Risk management / strategic planning
  • Government relations and governance
  • Entrepreneurship / business acumen


(in one or more is an asset)

  • Experience in social work, healthcare, education, government relations, youth work or parenting
  • Experience in marketing, social media and communications
  • Experience in growing/scaling businesses
  • Professional experience in relevant field (finance, accounting, legal, government relations, consulting)
  • Prior volunteer board experience

Personal Attributes:

  • A passion for the arts is integral to our organization
  • Passionate about helping children
  • Passionate about our cause and eager to give back to their community through board service
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to maintain positive relations among the board, committees, staff and community
  • Ability to roll up your sleeves and become actively involved on board committees
  • Ability to work with little guidance

Duty and Standard of Care:

In relation to their roles at GFT, Board Members shall:

  • Act honestly and in good faith in the best interests of the organization; and
  • Exercise the care, diligence and skill that a responsible and reasonable person would exercise in comparable circumstances


As with typical not-for-profit directorships, we do not provide remuneration to directors

Review and Approval:

The Board Member job description is reviewed annually with updates presented to the Board for approval

How to Apply:

Please submit your CV or your most up to date LinkedIn profile along with a statement of interest that includes:

  1. Why would you like to join the Green Fools Theatre Society Board of Directors?
  2. A particular role on the board (Secretary, Treasurer, General Board Director, etc.) that interests you. 

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